Lourdes Welhaven

Lourdes Welhaven

I’m so glad you are here! It’s so nice to meet you if only over the internet. I’m Lourdes Welhaven the Owner, Founder and “Chic in Charge” at Welhaven and Associates. I founded my firm with one goal in mind: to help fellow entrepreneurs to increase their business.

Like so many business owners, I started with nothing but a dream to work and live daily pursuing my passions – – one of which is business. I love the real-world challenge of bringing in customers, keeping customers, and all aspects of running a thriving business.

So our view-point around here is different. For example: We sell promotional products, of course, but we do so with an end for you in mind – to increase your business. We provide our clients with commercial printing including checks, forms, business cards, and the like and everything is reviewed with you in an effort to help you to maximize your investment in every printed piece. You see, even the most “mundane” printed items are a part of your brand. We design beautiful websites for our clients and engage our client’s readers online. Yet engagement for engagement sake is pointless. We do what we do with the underlying thought of how a promotion can add to your profits.

We design ads, promotional campaigns, direct mail pieces, embroider shirts, print mugs, tweet for our clients, optimize websites for our clients, print napkins, print pens, provide our clients with employee recognition programs, the list goes on and on.  But the most important element, the driving emphasis is solely on serving our clients in such a way that everything comes together in an effort to move our clients forward toward their business goals. Selling our clients a pretty product or service is just not good enough.

I know we’re clever…but if clever won’t sell your product, motivate your referral sources, help you to hold on to your best clients and increase your business overall, then what’s the point?

If you simply want a pen, a mug, a shirt or a business card, you’ve come to the right place. We make the process all very easy for you. If you need something in a rush, don’t worry, call us and we can likely make it happen. We’ve actually turned around branded items in 2 hours flat! But if what you really need is to increase your business, to move from where you are to where you want to be, then I’m the gal for you and you’re going to love my firm. We not only design a plan for you, we help you to put all of the pieces together, and actually produce the promotional materials, websites, videos, audio, etc…that you need to put your marketing plan in place. Ready to get started on your goals? Contact me. I want to help you to “bring more business to your business.”