Cruise Planners Wolfcat Travel - CalendarsWe produce a lot of calendars every year and are thrilled to have been able to help Miriam Lovinger, owner of Cruise Planners Wolfcat Travel, with her yearly gift for her clients and referral sources. Every now and again, a client is so nice that they actually give me one of the custom printed promotional items that they ordered from me. I’ll admit it. I love swag, promotional items, tchotchkes or whatever you want to call them. How could I sell this stuff if I didn’t? But I particularly love this calendar because it’s so useful.

The calendar has a magnetic backing and hangs on our office refrigerator. It’s small enough to be easy and handy, yet just the right size to be able to see that month’s dates at a glance. What my clients, like Miriam, love about this calendar is that it is ready to go at all times because unlike most of our products, our clients actually personalize these calendars themselves with their own business cards. These calendars also start at every quarter. So if you want to give a calendar as a gift after New Year’s you can still give a full year’s worth of calendar pages at the start of each new quarter.

If you’d like to explore this or other promotional materials, do contact me. But in the meantime, let me instead promote my customer, Miriam Lovinger, from Cruise Planners Wolfcat Travel. She can help you with your cruises, of course, but she does so much more. Look to her for group travel, destination weddings, specialty excursions and the like. There’s nothing to big or too specialized for her – for real! She can do it! Here’s a link to her website check it out and call her! She’s really funny, you’ll love talking to her on the phone.

Finally, a big “thank you,” again, to Miriam, for including me among those receiving her promotional gift. You are so sweet, Miriam, really and I appreciate you so much.