Custom Made Fortune Cookies
Might Be Just the Sweet Treat that Your Company Needs.

Fortune cookies aren’t just messengers of goodwill that you get in a restaurant. We can create a fortune cookie with your very own promotional message inside. But while you’ll likely readily agree that it’s a cute and clever idea, you might not realize just how effective a little fortune cookie can be in bringing you more business.

Fortune Cookies are Inexpensive

I really hate to use the word “cheap” but let’s face it, these cookies make for a very well-priced promotional campaign – especially when you stay with the tried and true traditional vanilla and colored cookies.

Fortune Cookies Will Get Attention

Consumers are surrounded by ads everywhere – social media, television, radio, apps, websites, magazines – the list goes on and on. Getting attention for your brand can be daunting. But this sweet little cookie will flat stop your prospects in their tracks. Who can resist opening the cookie to read the message inside? How’s that for the ever elusive and sought-after disruptive marketing?

Admit it, You Couldn't Resist Opening Me!

Fortune Cookies Provide a Call to Action

The last thing you ever want to do is give someone a promotional item and have them say “oh that’s cute” and then walk off into the sunset. Cute, doesn’t sell. Cute isn’t effective. Cute doesn’t put food on the table. Instead, realize that a fortune cookie has the ready-made “real estate” to encourage your prospects to take the next step with your company.

All my fellow marketing geeks are now screaming for joy with ideas on how a simple fortune cookie can literally make them a fortune as the cookie can direct “traffic” to a free download as part of a new sales funnel. Huzzah!

Not sure what message to put inside your personalized cookie or where to purchase them. Well, that’s where Welhaven and Associates comes in. Not only do we sell fortune cookies with your own message, we help you to craft the message and marketing campaign.

Need Some Inspiration?
How About These Custom Fortune Cookie Message Examples?

You’ll Save a Fortune at EyeGlass Hut. Bring this Fortune in Before 11/30 for 20% Off a New Pair
We’d Be So Fortunate To Have Your Business at Expo Bridal. Free $50 Veil with Every Bridal Gown Purchase With This Fortune
FREE Cash Wash with Every Oil Change At The No Panic Mechanic With This Coupon

So Why Choose Us for Your Cookies?

  • Our cookies are made in the United States. We’ve joint ventured with a commercial bakery just for these types of fortune cookie promotions.
  • These are much better than the cookies you find at your local restaurant mostly because they are very fresh. Our cookies are made just for you and made-to-order. The last thing you want to do is give out stale cookies. Remember, how fresh can a cookie be if it has to be imported or is sitting in a warehouse for months?
  • With us you get more than a cookie. With Welhaven and Associates you get the help of a professional marketing firm to help create a winning message. Of course, if you already know what you want to say – that’s great too!
  • We ship our custom made fortune cookies all over the United States. We are unable to ship a food product out of the country but if you live in the USA – we’ve got you! So whether your need your fortune cookies in Los Angeles, New York or anywhere in between. We ship coast to coast directly to you.
  • The majority of the fortune cookies we provide our clients are the traditional vanilla colored and flavored kind. However, if you need a fortune cookie in some special color or flavor, we can do that.
  • If you need something special such as rush delivery, your logo on the outside of cookie itself, a gigantic oversize cookie, custom packaging or anything else outside of the norm you’ve come to the right place. I’ll do my best to make your fortune cookie wishes come true.
  • We specialize in large quantities for corporate customers or events.

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