Stop shouting at people through social media!

Stop shouting at people through social media!

Perhaps you’re fresh into the “social media thing” or you’ve come to realize that you must finally dive in, feet first, into marketing your business online. The best place to start, you figure, is Facebook. At least that’s what you’ve heard. That’s what the nice man told you at a local seminar (he just started Facebook a week ago and has already made a trillion dollars).  “This is perfect!”, you think for your new business selling “widgets.”

So you rush out, friend everyone you can and start posting your message everywhere. Your Aunt Sally posted a picture of the lasagna she just cooked and you post, right under the picture of that prize winning meal, how “your widget” helps people who cook. Your best friend laments her grade in graduate school and you post on her page how your widget helps those with poor grades. You find the people with the most followers and post all about your widget on their personal and business pages. After all, you love your widget business and everyone else should too!

You are so proud of yourself. You are freakin’ relentless. You are going to make this thing happen. This is easier than cold-calling, easier than any other marketing or selling you’ve ever done in the past. Problem is…no one else seems to care about your widgets. Oh, I know what it is – it must be Facebook. You’ve been duped again by the online gurus.

Ok…end sarcasm.

Here’s the truth. If any of this rings true above, it’s not Facebook, it’s the way you are going about selling your widgets. Facebook is like an ongoing conversation at a cocktail party. People are over in one corner talking about their kids. The crazy cat people are sharing pictures of their favorite felines on their phones. And don’t forget the group in the middle arguing about politics. That’s Facebook. That’s real life.

You posting all about your widgets on someone else’s personal or business page is the same as walking up to the group of people in the scenario above arguing about Obama and screaming, “You know what would help this country, widgets…my widgets!”

You posting about your widgets on some else’s personal or business page is the same as walking up to the crazy cat people and screaming “Forget those dreadful cats and buy my widgets!”

You posting about your widgets on some else’s personal or business page is the same as walking up to the group of people talking about their kids and shouting “So your little cherub is an honor roll student ‘eh? Well Johnny can’t be that smart, he hasn’t purchased any of my widgets!”

Seriously, that is how it comes across. That is exactly how it feels. That is why if you post that on my business or personal page I will remove your post at best and, if you persist, block you.

Social media is “SOCIAL!”


Ahem…sorry for screaming that.  Ok, it’s social. Better?

Facebook is a place to network. To get to know other people. To make friends. Friends do business with friends, so yes, go ahead and post about your widgets a little bit, on your personal page. Better yet, post about  widgets on your very own Facebook business page that you made specifically for your widgets. Heck you can even advertise with Facebook all about your widgets and target just the right audience for your widgets.

Please, please, please…never post your commercial message on someone else’s page – even if the other page owner asks you to. Doing so makes you look opportunistic at best and rude at worst.




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